One of the many things that a Smartphone is capable of doing is running a vast variety of applications. Yes, I know, you all know that. But what you might not know is that there are tons of utility applications on browsers, phones and even your televisions that can make your daily tasks a little less painful. In this article, we’ll be discussing a few applications and technology which can make your life less hectic.

1. avast! Mobile security
For: Android
Price: Free

Home screne of  the avast!  Mobile security app for Android

Android is the highest targeted Operating System when it comes to mobile viruses. This antivirus application provided a bunch of utilities and is extremely lightweight. While running this application, battery drainage is little to none and the scanning time is quite fast. Because of an inbuilt scanner, whenever you load a malware infected page, you are promptly informed before the URL is loaded. It even has a tracking feature which helps you find your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. Just send a special pre-designated SMS to your lost mobile phone and it will lock, locate, turn on your phone’s GPS and even call you back if you have provided it with a phone number.
Compatibility: Android 2.1.x and above.

2. Auto Memory Manager
For: Android
Price: Free for ad-based version/$0.99 for Premium version.

Customizing the threshold limit of application in the Auto Memory Manager app.

The first thing that comes to mind when your operating system becomes slow or unresponsive is freeing up some space that might be utilized by programs/apps running in the background. Auto memory manager is an excellent tool which helps you to manage your apps running in the background. The app provides 3 presets and an option to customize the settings according to your needs. However, the only drawback is that there is no fixed manual which tells you how to get the app to work according to your needs, and you might have to play around a little bit before you  get the hang of it. Buying the premium version removes all advertisements.
Compatibility: Android version 1.6 and above.

3. Paper by FiftyThree
For: iOS (iPad)
Price: Free (in-app store available)

An image showing the basic features of the Paper by FiftyThree app.

This is a great app for people who love doodling on their tablets. It is one of the most advanced doodling apps available for iPad on the Apple store. It offers 5 essential tools, and the others can be bought from the in-app store. It is compatible for the retina display iPads as well. One of the great features is that the Expressive ink engine which the app uses to render the images. For better images, the Bamboo Solo Stylus for the iPad can be bought separately as well which will set you back by $28.
Compatibility: iOS version (for iPad) 5.0 and above.

4. Cycloramic
For: ios (iPod Touch 3rd and 4th Generation), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5)
Price: $0.99

The main motive of this application is to take 360 Degree panoramic videos and photos (photo feature to be updated soon for the iPhone 4 and 3GS). Although the app works for previous generation iPhones, it is optimized for iPhone 5. The trick is to keep the iPhone (5) perpendicular to a smooth leveled surface and hit the go button on the screen. The app will start taking 360 degree videos (no audio for the time being) on its own. The app triggers the vibrating motor in a way that helps the phone rotate on its own. It is a fancy app that is sure to make you win bar bets.
Compatibility: iOS version (for iPhone and iPod Touch) 6.0 and above.

5. Google Translate
For: iOS and Android
Price: Free
Google Translate on iPhone
This is probably the most popular app on this list and everybody knows about it. Then why is it here? For a simple reason - people travelling abroad will absolutely love this app. Google has been doing a great job at breaking the barriers of communication. With Google translate, you can search any word, in any language and translate it to the desired language. And with the advanced speech capabilities, it’s just like having a conversation with a foreigner in your own language. The speech feature is well adapted to the Android version as compared to the Apple version of the app; however, both versions do solve the basic purpose of the app.
Compatibility: Android version 2.1 and above. iOS 3.0 and above.
App Store Link:
iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/google-translate/id414706506?mt=8

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