India, Incredible India! No, honestly, it is truly incredible! Unfortunately, I say this with shame rather than pride. If that is the case, why is it incredible, you ask?

Well, for the sheer fact that this country has been running its operations for well over 55 years of independence, without any proper system in place. Do I blame the government? Well to an extent, yes! If the government is not the problem, who/what is? The people! How can the people be at fault if the government is not functioning efficiently?

Let me ask you, who runs the government? The 1st thing that may come to your mind are the bureaucrats. Aren't they 'people' as well? I guess now the picture starts getting clear. As cliché as it may sound, let us look at ourselves before blaming our government. When I say ourselves, I mean the society that we live in.

Back in December 2012, a girl was brutally raped who eventually succumbed to her injuries and died a painful death. Just when the word 'rape' was beginning to lose the limelight, a 5 year old was raped, leading to huge protests and a female protester being slapped by a police official. Continuing the horror story, this was the same police which had 'bribed' the parents of the 5 year old to not register a FIR (First Information Report).

Instead of protesting quick action by the government, one must ask the society - WHY must the 'need' arise to rape a woman? That too a 5 year old?! If the whole purpose is satisfying the 'sexual need', the rapists wouldn't have even enjoyed it! Before this statement comes out wrong, I should make it clear - I condemn rape. It sickens me, to say the least!

Indian people displaying their great Lane Driving Skills

Next - The traffic. Ask any foreigner who has been to India, traffic tops the list of 'What-you-don't-like-about-India' I do not blame three wheelers (auto rickshaws) or man powered rickshaws being driven on the streets. What I absolutely loathe is the fact that people can’t drive in a LANE. How difficult is lane driving? If a person owns a vehicle - a two, three or four wheeler, it is safe to assume that he/she has some sort of thinking ability. Driving right in between a lane marker is absolutely stupid and doesn't solve ANY purpose at all! Taking into consideration another aspect of traffic problems, I would LOVE to know - how much time does one really save by jumping a red light? 10 seconds? I'm all for it, if it saves a life. But it’s utterly preposterous if you’re just bored and don't have the patience to wait! I'm sure the people stuck in traffic jams will end up blaming it on the government. Well, what else can we do? That is what we are best at - the blame game!

Let's see what comes after traffic. Ah, the population! 1.3 billion and counting! One simple question, which doesn't even require any sort of education - if you can't afford them, why have them in the 1st place? I'm dumbfounded when I see my local fruit seller having 4 kids (all between the age gap of 2-6 years) and a pregnant wife. Seeing his plight, I'm sure he cannot afford to have even one!

After a huge discussion with my cousin, we came to a conclusion that the people of India are victims of injustice. Nobody would mind standing in queues for hours provided everybody lawfully waits for their turn. Nobody would be irritated getting stuck in a traffic jam if everybody sticks to their lane rather than constantly shifting lanes just to get out of the jam in the quickest way possible.

Having said this, no country is perfect. The only difference between India and a developed country is the people. The need of the hour is reformation of our society, rather than our government. Stop the blame game and act on your own for once. Gone are the days of non-violent protests. Our inner self needs a violent protest. Change the society and a reformed government will follow.

One of the actors from the Bollywood fraternity has started a brilliant campaign - MARD. Staying true to the motive, I'm proud to say, I am a MARD (Men against Rape and Discrimination). Are you a MARD?

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