Fonta is a small yet powerful image-designing app available on iTunes App Store that adds beautiful text to your images that is easily customisable. App developer ThirtyFive Inc. claims Fonta will turn your images into gorgeous text based designs.

An image with text created on Fonta by ThirtyFive Inc.

The app supports over 60 fonts and a wide variety of shapes and frames that can be easily resized and repositioned according to the user. Apart from a wide collection of fonts and shapes, the app also supports sharing capabilities to a wide variety of social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Apple’s native messaging app and even 3rd party messaging app WhatsApp too.

View a tutorial on Fonta by clicking here.

Initially, getting the hang of various features of Fonta can be a little tricky but learning a bit about the app from its tutorial videos can make you a pro in no time. The only drawback of the app is that in case you decide to save the image to your gallery, it will change the format of the image to .jpeg/.jpg and currently supports an image resolution of 640 X 640 only.

The app is available for $0.99. However, recently, the app was also available for free and can be downloaded from here [direct link].

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