Addiction Level – Beats Angry Birds by a fair margin!

Dots (the mobile game) by Betaworks is probably one of the easiest games you could find in Apple’s app store. If that’s what you think, think again! Though the idea behind it is quite basic, a 60 second timer makes the gameplay quite challenging, to say the least.

Dots - Latest addiction for the iPhone
The Idea – Connect the same colored dots and make a high score. According to the game, the ultimate motive is to join the dots in such a manner that they end up forming a square or a rectangle. If you manage to connect the dots in that manner, you score a maximum of 10 points, and all the dots of that particular color which weren't used in the connection get dropped off, leading to more squares and rectangles of other colors.

The description might seem to be a bit confusing in the beginning, but a game or two in and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

The Design – The simple idea is also reflected in a clean design (flat design). The game is free and does not host any banners for advertisements; which, in my opinion is a brilliant gesture by any app developer.

The Pros – Betaworks have kept the design extremely simple and user friendly. 80 year old grandpa can figure out how to play the game in no time.

I have a reason to write this review a good 2 days after downloading the game – it’s very addictive! Every time I open the game to take screenshots, I’m hooked… ruining my day’s productivity! The developers boast of reaching a 100 million downloads within a week of launching the game in the iTunes store. That is some serious productivity going down the drain!

The Cons – Whatever text is written in the game, it is rather small and could be difficult to read for people who suffer from myopic vision. The dots are also small is size which can make it difficult for people with fat thumbs. The game does tend to suck a lot of battery as the design involves using a lot of white color.

UPDATE: There seems to be a small bug in the game. Change the orientation of the phone from portrait to landscape and the entire design goes haywire. The same has been reproduced in the image below.

The design going haywire on changing the orientation

However, this bug has only been verified on iOS 5.

UPDATE - The developers rolled out an update (version 1.7) where the design bug seems to have been fixed. The design remains intact despite changing the phone's orientation.

The game is free on iOS and can be downloaded by clicking here

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