Bose has long been known in the market for its range of brilliant audio products. Keeping up to the reputation, the Bose OE2 is a pair of headphones that churns brilliant sound and the black and silver design gives it an ultra modern look.

The Pros:
Carrying Case
  1. Excellent sound quality.
  2. Fits snugly over (NOT around) your ears thanks to comfortable memory foam cushioning.
  3. Despite being an over the ear headphones, its does a decent job at noise cancellation.
  4. Immaculate build quality.
  5. The design of the product allows you to fold it and since comes bundled with a high quality leather carrying case; the headphones are a traveler’s delight. All this adds to the premium Bose experience.

The Cons:
  1. At $160 (£100 or 9,300) they might not be the best bargain.
  2. Since the cord is detachable from the headphones, audio quality can suffer a bit every now and then. It seems to be worst if you twist and turn the 2.5mm end of the cord in an effort to get better sound quality. The eventual result may seem to be a compromise to get audio from both the speakers. However, once you spend some time listening to them, the experience will enthrall you.


Apart from being black and white in color, the Bose OE2i is a variant of OE2 that is compatible with Apple products and the cord comes with a built-in microphone and a volume rocker. The microphone does seem to work with a few Android devices, however, seamless integration is only provided by iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac products.

COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES – Bose airplane adapters, 6m Bose cable (3.5mm and 2.5mm male ports)

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