RATING – 7.6/10

GENRE – Drama, Suspense, Crime, Thriller

DIRECTOR – Spike Lee

Spoiler Alert: Parts of the story may be revealed.

PLOT – Dalton Russell played by Clive Owen plans the perfect bank robbery; a robbery in a Manhattan Bank that belongs to Arthur Case, played by Christopher Plummer. As soon as Dalton and his associates enter the bank, they shut the door and take the bank employees and other present in the bank as hostage. Keith Frazier, portrayed by the famous Denzel Washington is sent in to negotiate with the robbers. However, his mind is preoccupied by corruption charges levied against him.

Between all this, the chairman/owner of the bank (Arthur) has something very close to his heart that needs to be protected at all costs. To do so, he ropes in a broker, played by Jodie Foster, who has links with even the mayor of the city. What happens between the robbers, detective and the broker when they enter high stake negotiations? What is of such high value that Arthur is willing to protect at all costs? Does the robbery plan work out perfectly or are the cops/detectives able to spoil their party?

REVIEW – First off, this movie probably has the funniest and most inappropriate credit music! But once you get past the opening credits, the story by first timer Russell Gewirtz is gripping and does a brilliant job at unfolding the plot at the correct time. At no point could you predict what is going to happen next. The movie does complete justice to its genre.

Spike Lee has done a commendable job at capturing the essence of the script and has brought out the best of each and every actor, no matter how small their role is.

My verdict, this movie is a must watch for its brilliant story line that is clever, cunning and keeps tossing surprises every now and then. 

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