RATING – 7.1/10

GENRE – Comedy, Crime

DIRECTOR – Rawson Marshall Thurber

Spoiler Alert: Parts of the story may be revealed.

PLOTDavid Clark, played by Jason Sudeikis is a small time drug dealer. Due to one of his neighbor, Kenny (played by Will Poulter), David finds himself in a street fight trying to protect a teenage girl (Casey, portrayed by Emma Roberts) from a group of thugs. Soon enough, the thugs are after David and rob him off his weekly earnings and the remaining pot.

David now owes a lot of money to his boss, Brad Gurdlinger, played by the famous Ed Helms who shot to fame with the Hangover series. Brad wants David to go to Mexico and bring a truck load of Marijuana (literally).

In order to improve his chances of bringing pot to the country from across the border without getting noticed, David hires a broke stripper, Rose, played by Jennifer Aniston as his wife, Kenny as his son and Casey as his daughter. Are they able to do the job or is there a twist in the tale?

REVIEW – Well this movie is definitely a onetime watch. Despite the fact that the movie doesn’t have much going on in the story department, the actors and the director have done a good job at keeping the interest of the viewers.

Jennifer Aniston though old looks hot in the role of a stripper and does complete justice to her role. Jason shows that acting comes naturally to him and he looks perfect for the role of a pot dealer and later on as the man of the house.

FUN FACT – During one of the scenes, the RV in which the Millers are travelling requires to turn on the radio. The crew set up the FM to play the opening credit song (I’ll Be There for You – The Rembrandts) from the hit 90’s sitcom, FRIENDS. This sure brought back a lot of memories for Jennifer Aniston who was a big part of the sitcom.

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